Birthday gift by Mom- The Phillips pro skin advance trimmer


I got impatient and opened it OK!


So, It was my birthday on the 9th of February and yes, I had a brilliant time. Thanks to all you people out there who made this day so special and for those of you who didn’t, well, I didn’t have to share my cake with you, Booya!

Anyways, My mom often refers to me as the goat man, not because I am a huge fan of spinach and definitely not because I sometimes kick people(by accident…ish) but more because I have a very unkempt beard. So no surprise when I woke up one morning to find a Facial hair trimmer almost thrown towards me in desperation.

The company promises a few basic but very important things that are mentioned below-

  • Skin-friendly- This is something that anyone who has used a bad trimmer will know that it can go from the harmless thought of shaving to rubbing a cactus with waxing strips on your face.
  • Lock-in lengths- It has a 10 length setting guard that can trim 1mm to 10mm. This is perfect for a range of styles that can turn you from beast to beauty.
  • Ergonomic design- This is so important if you struggle every morning trying to get ready and need a quick fix.
  • Easy to clean- Because anyone who actually buys a trimmer actually has bucket load of time to spend cleaning the machine, right? (inserted sarcasm).

Finally opening it!

Upon unpacking it, I first notice that it was compact and very portable. This is normally something I look for in a product because I like to look a tad bit presentable while on the go. The next thing I noticed was the little brush that is used to get all the stray  hair out from the blades, this will ensure your machine is always clean. Then was the moment of truth! Will Phillips live up to its name or did they trim away my mums expectations of how amazing Phillips has been to us through the years (pointless exaggeration much? I am that pumped!). The promise about it being ergonomic was fulfilled as soon as I touched it. It was easy to hold and could easily be carried while travelling without any problems.


In terms of skin friendly, I’d give it a 8/10 because while mostly it was decent, it would pull my hair but then again I do have hair that has the thickness of a steel wire, so I forgive you ok, Phillips? It was easy to adjust the length that I wanted and I ended up going with a 6mm because I felt that I wanted to keep my beard while also being able to manage it easily.

It kept to its promise of  being easy to clean and maintain. This is of serious importance to me, especially since I literally hate cleaning anything and also because I don’t like to waste too much time in the morning trying to get every hair out of the trimmer. The mini brush will help get those hairs that get stuck in corners and keep your machine squeaky clean.





Sorry about the mess but look at the beard na!

Ending summary

  • Model name- Phillips PRO skin advance trimmer
  • Easy to use
  • Price- Rs.1475/-
  • Color- black
  • Maintenance- easy
  • My satisfaction- 9/10

All in all I was really happy with this and give this product a thumbs up! Thank you mum for showing me why Phillips was and still will be our favorite go to brand.






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