A Saturday evening well spent- Split movie review.

Hey guys! What? I’m still alive! Who said I’m dead!? LIES!

I know, I know! I’ve been a bit caught up with work and stuff, so its been really hard to write to all you awesomely patient people but here I am! Anyway, so I made a vague plan with Anish, a really close friend(He is an ace manipulator) to see this movie under the influence of butter chicken and before you know it, the dude has already booked the tickets and is now sitting on my chest waking me from a deep sleep, shaking me like I was some enchanted princess! Anyways, I left the comfort of my bed and put on the first hoodie and cargo shorts I found(So much for being a fashion blogger, eh?) and was on my way. Before we knew it we were at the ticket counter where the lady goes very loudly  ”I NEED TO SEE I.D, PLEASE?” to  Anish who happens to be a baby face . Someone needs to teach these people how to not shout into these mic things! I then proceed to show her my I.D and she goes even more vocally ” ITS OK SIR! I DON’T NEED TO SEE YOURS!”. I burst out laughing so much at this point!

The movie began pretty well, It follows a man called Kevin Wendell Grub who has 23 personalities trapped in his bodies! Kinda like Satoshi does, you say? Anyways, I won’t delve into it too much because this is a must watch movie and I hate those people who give out spoilers.  So here goes-

Director – M Night Shyamalan
Cast – James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, Haley Lu Richardson, Jessica Sula
Rating – 4.9/5


Picture credits- Pintrest

Overview and story line( Chill bro, I’m not saying much!)

The movie began with a group of three girls being kidnapped and later awaken in a clean but mildly claustrophobic. The man(James McAvoy) enters in and creates somewhat of a scene with the girls and later exits. The girls after a while hear a woman talking outside the door and start shouting for help. But shit hits the fan when they realize that its the same man aka Kevin who is dressed as a woman. Late on in the movie, you come to realize that there are 23 personalities and the entire move revolves on the 24th entity living within him, the Beast!


I’m my honest opinion, I think the acting was pretty good. They had a clear idea of what the were suppose to be doing and didn’t goof up and look like a bunch of clueless teenagers(looking at you Scream). The movie was overall a really great movie due to the actors and how well they did their job.


Bro, I want to marry this M. Night. Shyamalan! This is probably one of his biggest highlights in his entire film career and this looks like just the start form him. He literally probably could be compared to Steven Spielberg but I seriously think Shyamalan is amazing in his own unique and beautiful way that Mr. Spielberg in all his glorious E.T wonder could not even touch!


A whole lotta nope happening here! Picture credits- The escapist magazine

Music and sound effects(Literally the bloody highlight of this movie!)

There were no crazy BOOMS or SCREEEEAACH type sounds made in most generic horror films. I was amazed by how beautiful and somewhat soothing the music could be considering a crazy 24 in 1 serial killer is after you. Overall the music and sound effects were amazing and I would give it a 10/10 if it weren’t a rating of 5.


Should or shouldn’t watch?

Girlbros and Bros, I present to you the move of the year! This movie has been one of the best thriller/horror films ever written. I could not sleep that night because I was afraid of the beast! Mind it, This movie doesn’t have any of the cheap shots found in most movies today(looking at you Annabelle, Ok, Not… please don’t haunt me). This is a movie I am so grateful to have seen and would recommend it to you guys with a heart filled with joy. In other words, Please go and watch it!


P.S- This movie has also taught me not to make fun of people living with MPD, not that I ever did make fun of them but now its a definite no when it comes to that!


I hope you guys enjoyed the review! Leave a comment below and tell me what you guys think. You can follow me on Instagram in case if you think I’m dead or something and need to check on me. Link is here- http://bit.ly/2lINOpu

Until next time(sooner than you think)

Rydell Fernandes









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