Himalaya neem face wash review

​Hey Broski’s, 

I’m back!  (Que music and fireworks like a John Cena entrance). I know I’m not so regular with posting and stuff but hey! My love for you guys is so endless, especially after the immense support I’ve received over this past month. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me come one step closer to actually running for president(Let’s face it, after watching the news I’m pretty sure my cat and I can take over America with ease).

OK OK, enough of this banter! Back to blogging. Today I’m going to be reviewing the ‘Himalaya face wash’. Now I know I don’t look like the dude who normally uses beauty products but I am a man of worldly pleasures! And since I am a kind and giving person I am gonna be sharing my valuable insight on this. So get your popcorn out cause I’mma bout to get real. 

Green Green Green.

While Himalaya has like over a thousand products to choose from, I literally grabbed the neem one. Not because I’m an Indian, for fucks sake people, it’s because I know read about the healing and purification powers of neem. Wtf! No I do not bobble my head all the time! OK OK fine! Maybe sometimes. Anyway, if you’re done racially profiling me, I’d love to get back to the product. Jeez, man you guys a crazy!

1) Prevents pimples

2) Purification of skin

These are the two main highlights that this face wash promises. While I never had the problem of pimples as a teen I can’t really say much… Oh wait! I’ve been using this product like all the time. Woah, sorcery! 

Consistency and Aroma-

When squeezed out, it comes as a green gel. It’s semi translucent and looks like kryptonite, to be honest. I love the fact that this has a very pleasant and a hint of neem smell to it. Most of the other face washes act like your face smells like garlic and needs to be perfumed like a hooker after a double shift(fuck, so inappropriate there). 

I tend to have oily skin and I find that this face wash is a true lifesaver.

Effective or not-

It’s a pretty darn good product that makes an almost immediate difference. It helps retain the moisture in your face and actually has a mild glow after. Also, it doesn’t create too much foam, as mentioned it works more like a gel rather than a soap. 

Not soapy but works more like a gel

End note/Summary-

Hello, Hello? Still there I hope? 

The face wash is pretty good and will always be one of my favorite but you know me, I’m a total diva and love me my beautiful face. So if you guys have any products that you think I should be using, please do let me know in the comments below 

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Taking you the next dimension, 

Rydell Fernandes. 


A letter to my 16 year old self- Love yourself and the rest will follow. 

​I know, I know. So cliché, writing a letter to my younger self. But I promise you will love this and get to know me a little bit more in the bargain. I hadn’t really selected a particular age to talk to until now, mainly because my life has always had some form of drama and turbulence in it but after so much thinking I finally settled on the sweet age of 16. 16 because I was going through so much  then and it was a genuinely overwhelming time in my life. So here goes nothing! 

Hey Ry, 

It’s me, your 24 year old sexy self. I, rather you, wait… I mean we…  whatever. We made it! You must be wondering why I chose to talk to you, right? Well, I know what you’re going through and if by some interstellar magic you somehow get this letter, I hope you listen to what I got for you because it is the bomb, man! 

Rydell, oh Rydell. As I look at you, I see all the mistakes just waiting to happen. Those bad haircuts, the time you back answered the teacher who would make the rest of your college year miserable and even that horrible person you are friends with right now that you won’t cut out sooner because you’re afraid to be alone. While I’d love to hand you the cheat sheet to life, I know you aren’t ready for it and in time you will realize that experience is and always will be your biggest friend, so no! You lazy cow, I am not going to hand you shit. But because in my infinite kindness and wisdom, I will leave you with some pointers that will give you the courage that is needed for life ahead and the troubles you will come across. 

You turn out pretty hot, so don’t let them tell you otherwise.

In my first pointer, Rydell,  you need to believe in yourself. I know the very first pointer seems like a big step but it is so important that it has to come first place. I know the many times when you wanted to write or go join a dance class, which by the way works out so fucking well for you, just saying or when you wanted to stand up in class and answer a question but you didn’t. You didn’t because you were so afraid of people laughing at your grammar, you were so afraid that you would be teased and taunted for those hip rolls and you were afraid that you would have said the wrong answer out loud and everyone would have laughed. Rydell, oh sweet Rydell, I’m very proud to tell you that these people will laugh at your grammar, you will fucking be teased so much for the way you dance and oh my god you will have a boss one day that will taunt you for a supposed ‘wrong answer’.  My advice to you is let them!  Just fucking let them. Rydell, you will become a Social media executive and a content writer one day. You will write so many beautiful articles and so many people will pay you money for your work. Rydell, dance! Dance so much that your legs hurt and your neck can’t turn. Dance is going to change your life. You will be shaped into the person you are because of it and it will be the best money you’ve ever spent(P.S This is coming out of your allowance but it’s worth it, OK?). As for saying the wrong answer, BRO you shout it out with pride. You attempted something good and so what if those ignorant idiots laughed? There will be a point and trust me on this, that they will come to you for answers and you will be so happy to give it t them. 

Well lookie here. I told you you would be awesome at it.

The second pointer is for you to listen to Mom. Yes, sometimes she is crazy and crosses the line but don’t you? She is human but will prove to be the best friend you ever had. She will gossip with you every morning and even realize that you share the same views on certain things. Of course, she may have her stubborn ways and will say things that will hurt you but then again as would any best friend. Be strong, Rydell. She didn’t raise you to be a crab but a lion.

One of the many mornings to come

The last pointer that I want to share with you is not going to be a serious one but more of a chilled scene. Mainly because I look at my 24 year old self and see how amazing I am, although I don’t always believe that.  Rydell, you are going to get 8 people that are going to be there in you life. I won’t tell you who but I’ll tell you what to look out for in them. Look out for those 3 amazing people who will always be by your side when life kicks you hard. You will find that apart from being party animals, they are beautiful souls who are on the same path as you and will keep you company through lifes many troubles. Also for God sakes, two of them love this weird ass song called ‘hunter’ and they will dance so weirdly to it that it will make you question sanity. Haha. Rydell, look out for this one guy who will keep you entertained. He will hear about all the heart breaks and will go on those hunts for dinner while in Goa, but most of all he will give you new Anime that is the bomb. Next person, look out for a woman who is strong and will be a role model to you. There will also be a girl who you love and will always love so much. You must take care of her and be there when she needs you, Rydell. Bro, you are going to get a 4 legged friend. I know it sounds impossible now but she is not yet born, to be honest I don’t think her mother is born too at this point. Take care of this monster because you’re all she has and she will love you like there is no tomorrow. Ryderman, (yes, you’re still called that.) there will be one last person who will be in your life. He is kind at heart and he will redefine who you are and what you will be,  you will be a better human being because of him. Also, don’t punch me for what comes ahead with this one. Haha. 

You’re going to need this, just saying.

Thanks Rydell for listening to me. I hope this letter gets to you on the day you wanted to take the shortcut to the ground floor because it seemed just too much. All those days you spent tearing up and crying will be looked back by you and laughed at. You are so strong and so ferocious that you will conquer it all. Don’t worry Rydell, you fucking got this. 

Hoping to always love you/me, 

Rydell Fernandes.  

My best friend, Satoshi Dono

Hello lovely people of the cosmos, its me again!

Over the years I have earned many nicknames, be it ‘Raindall’ by the lovely , Ms. Swarali our marathi teacher or ‘Rydell the Bridal'(whatever that meant). But there is one that was developed pretty recently and I’m sure if you know me you’d go ‘OMG that suits you so much!’, yes ladies and gentlewomans(looking at you Ms. Swarali, the Marathi teacher). Over the past two years I have been called ‘The mad cat man’. I’m not even sure if its because I hiss at people for touching my food or the fact that my Instagram account is flooded with cats or the fact that my cat is sitting on my lap right now and going all like ‘Bro, food,now!’. So yes, today I am going to be talking about my experience with owning a cat with the most purr-fection(See what I did there! See SEE.) way paw-sible(AGAIN, BOOYA!).

So it began one evening where I was feeling lazy(story of my life, brah.) where I was plotting to cancel a plan(seriously, this line defines me!). I decided to not cancel because I heard my mom shouting from the next room, didn’t hear much but something along the lines of ‘clean, filthy and kill you’ were being thrown around. After getting ready and escaping near impending death from my sweet but oh so OCD mom, I met the friends near a pre-decided restaurant. The place we went to was super expensive and we were feeling so weird about it considering we were all so broke and obviously not fit for the class this place had thrown towards us. I mean, the frigging doorman said ‘Good evening, How are you today?’. Bro, I don’t even do that to people I love. Anyway, I was already regretting my decision to  leave the house when these guys suggested that we go to a place that was so much more my type, you know! the place where the waiters don’t lay down forks and spoons in this elegant way and give you dirty looks when you don’t ‘compliment the chef’.

It was a rather cold night and we were walking the walk of shame after the waiters refused us a second marshmallow, I mean who refuses you something like that? Die! We were about to reach the place when across the road I saw two of my college pal, standing at the divider looking preoccupied. I being me, can’t let life go without being a weirdo I ran to greet them. But before I could shout something weird, I looked down at what they were looking at and there she was, my future best friend, my life, love and the one who would scratch me for food. Of course, back then I had this hatred for cats. I used to call them selfish, evil, etc etc. I mean, you have to live with a cat to love a cat, ya know?

There she was, a small helpless little thing. She was crying, almost chirping so loud for her mother who evidently was not returning. I wanted to help so bad, but we weren’t allowed to keep pets at home at that time and I knew that no NGO or animal rescue would come at this point of the night. In sheer desperation, we took her accross the road to this shady hospital compound where there were other cats and their kittens. We tried to see if her mother was this one maybe? sitting here all cool and all with 4 other kittens. But when  the cat literally hissed at us and threatened to smack the kitten, we quickly realized that we need to make a choice here. Leave her here for natural selection or find her someplace safe. The tension was building up, no one had a place where they could just take in a kitten like that. I literally had my heart beating so hard in my chest, my hands were tied. What could I do? More importantly, if I did manage this night, where would she go tomorrow?

”You know what? Fuck it!”. The words shot out of my mouth before I realized what I was about to say. ”I’ll take her in.” My friends were just staring at me in a bit of shock and asked me if I was sure about this. But I had made up my mind! Fuck you,natural selection! This kitty was getting one last chance! I scooped her up, she was so small that she fit right there in my palm and one of the friends offered to reach me on his bike to my house. I tried keeping her warm and she fell asleep after crying for her mom for what seemed like days.


Her first of many mornings with us.

It was only when I reached home did reality hit me. How the heck was I going explain this to my parents? I rang the doorbell and what joy but to find my cat hating dad greeting me here. But after countless drunken nights and hiding vodka bottles in my hand, a mere kitten was an easy smuggle. I took it to my room, which I share with my brother,  he immediately stared at me and communicated a horror story just with eye contact about what would happen to me tomorrow when mom found out. But I was taking things one step right now. Step 1- save the kitten! Step 2- Honestly, I didn’t think I’d make it this far.

After feeding her, I gave her a basket lined with old clothes to sleep in. I watched over her and felt like tomorrow could go in two directions. Either mom could agree to keep her for a few days or she would throw us both out of the house. But this was something I was to deal with tomorrow, so let it go, bro!



The next morning, I was wide awake at 7 am. I knew mom would be awa… Shit… She’s here! I heard the door open and in walked mom, like the dragon from the movie ‘Hobbit’ she rose and glided. The first thing she saw was the chirping kitten trying to get out of the basket. My heart was thudding so hard,you’d think I swallowed a drummer and his drum set. Mom squinted and then did the most unexpected thing. She smiled! SHE SMILED! What the heck! She runs into my sisters room to call her saying I got a kitten. At this point, my brother and I were staring at each other like that time we threw a stone at a crow and it instead hit a lady who started yelling at some random child. But by the evening, mom asked the inevitable question ‘How long is she going to stay here?’. I in a fit of desperation said ‘A week or two?’ and the woman agreed! Seriously What on earth was happening here?


2 weeks later and we learnt to give judgmental looks

Long story short and two years later, Satoshi is and always be my baby. Mom and her are practically inseparable and she is family. I sometimes think of that day if I left her on the road, the things that could have happened to her. It makes me tear up even now. I will stand by my choice and if there is one thing I could change about that night, it would be the fact that I shouldn’t have waited and taken her home sooner, oh and also maybe not have eaten that gastric monstrosity inducing chicken curry for lunch.



1 year and can already pose better than most people on Instagram.


and I quote ”I am only allowing her for 2 weeks, nothing more”. Yeah right! pfff.


Satoshi, has been with us through thick and thin. Through my breakups and through the death of my grandfather a few months later. She has made us so happy and I wish everyone gets what they want in life to see that only a cat can bring them true happiness.



Rydell and Satoshi Dono