Himalaya neem face wash review

​Hey Broski’s, 

I’m back!  (Que music and fireworks like a John Cena entrance). I know I’m not so regular with posting and stuff but hey! My love for you guys is so endless, especially after the immense support I’ve received over this past month. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me come one step closer to actually running for president(Let’s face it, after watching the news I’m pretty sure my cat and I can take over America with ease).

OK OK, enough of this banter! Back to blogging. Today I’m going to be reviewing the ‘Himalaya face wash’. Now I know I don’t look like the dude who normally uses beauty products but I am a man of worldly pleasures! And since I am a kind and giving person I am gonna be sharing my valuable insight on this. So get your popcorn out cause I’mma bout to get real. 

Green Green Green.

While Himalaya has like over a thousand products to choose from, I literally grabbed the neem one. Not because I’m an Indian, for fucks sake people, it’s because I know read about the healing and purification powers of neem. Wtf! No I do not bobble my head all the time! OK OK fine! Maybe sometimes. Anyway, if you’re done racially profiling me, I’d love to get back to the product. Jeez, man you guys a crazy!

1) Prevents pimples

2) Purification of skin

These are the two main highlights that this face wash promises. While I never had the problem of pimples as a teen I can’t really say much… Oh wait! I’ve been using this product like all the time. Woah, sorcery! 

Consistency and Aroma-

When squeezed out, it comes as a green gel. It’s semi translucent and looks like kryptonite, to be honest. I love the fact that this has a very pleasant and a hint of neem smell to it. Most of the other face washes act like your face smells like garlic and needs to be perfumed like a hooker after a double shift(fuck, so inappropriate there). 

I tend to have oily skin and I find that this face wash is a true lifesaver.

Effective or not-

It’s a pretty darn good product that makes an almost immediate difference. It helps retain the moisture in your face and actually has a mild glow after. Also, it doesn’t create too much foam, as mentioned it works more like a gel rather than a soap. 

Not soapy but works more like a gel

End note/Summary-

Hello, Hello? Still there I hope? 

The face wash is pretty good and will always be one of my favorite but you know me, I’m a total diva and love me my beautiful face. So if you guys have any products that you think I should be using, please do let me know in the comments below 

Last thing I promise!  I am on Instagram and on Facebook under the name Rydell Fernandes. Please do follow me for all my fun adventures and the occasional sexy selfie that I might post. 

Taking you the next dimension, 

Rydell Fernandes. 


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