Mirai Nikki

​Anime time! 

Anyone who knows me knows that I have  given up of T. V programs and have begun watching animes. Now a lot of people who’ve heard that I watch them, very often say ‘Oh you still watch cartoons’. Bitch please! I fucking dare you to watch ‘Corpse Party’ and try to compare it with ‘Spongebob’. I cannot even start with how I detest these people who actually think they know things and actually from a very strong opinion on it. Anyways, today I am here to review a very special Anime that was one of the first few that I ever watched. It basically set the foundation for my love for Anime. 


You know what Mama always says ‘never trust a woman with pink hair, green eyes and has the ability to hack you with a knife until you’re pulp’. WELL, THIS IS HER! 

Creepy Gasai Yuno

This Anime follows a typical loner called ‘Yuki’. He is a very small built kid that literally goes through life like that kid that everyone has heard of but no one’s really seen. His only companion is his imaginary friend called ‘Deus Ex Machine, the God of time and space’. But soon enough, he realizes that he is not just a figment of his imagination but oh so frigging REAL. Yuki is forced to participate in this disturbing game of kill or be killed. The winner gets to be the next God of time and space. They are each given a special phone that tells them the future, unique to their owner. Yuki tries to make as many allies as he can but soon realizes how scary and untrustworthy human beings can be. He teams up with his classmate and fellow diary owner, Gasai Yuno (PTSD warning). She being a girl who is madly in love with Yuki and will go through great lengths to be with him. The game is set and only one can emerge as the true victor. 

Seriously, if I took it any further I’d ruin the entire story and we don’t want that. Let’s go into the more review part of this Anime. 

1) Length- 5/10. It’s a relatively short Anime, consisting of 26 episodes. But do not be fooled by that, it is bound to drive you insane and make you question your own relationships with people. 

2) Video Quality- 7/10. This anime compared to many animes has a pretty decent video quality. It’s clear and you won’t find any bugs at all. 

3) Story line- 9/10. FUCK, just fuck. This is going to really screw you up but in a good way(if that’s a possibility). I personally loved how creepy it gets and how it captures human nature during a power struggle. 

4) Type- Supernatural/Thriller/mystery. 
All in all I would definitely like for you guys to watch it just because this anime is so creepy and will definitely make you pause, look up and say ‘fuck’. I have re-watched it and still been weirded out but in love with this. 
Anyways my fellow Hentais, that is all for today. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram in case you would like to see more of me and my sexy face. 


Rydell Fernandes 

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