Drunk talk

You know how I always talk about lame ass things like reviews and crap? Well today’s gonna be different! 

I like rum! That is going to be the first confession. Second  confession is gonna probably be that I am going through an existential crises! Well… Yeah Yeah-fucking-yeah, yeah; I am going through what every person born in the 1990s goes through. But guess fucking what, I AM A PERSON. I GO THROUGH SHIT. 

Sorry, I sorta am a bit high. Yeah Yeah, this is a blog about who I am. Yeah Yeah, I am old enough to father children! But so fucking what? I am someone who wants to figure myself out! I am someone who needs to know who he is? Who he can become? And possible who he doesn’t want to be but already is!

I maybe am a bit high but, but let face it… I well… Am a bit high. I wanna tell my sober self stuff that I wouldn’t NORMALLY dare too. Stuff like- ‘Rydell, you don’t wanna go for that party next week cause you’re too afraid to go alone for the first time in your life. ‘  but you know what? Fuck you. I am going! I am going to dare. I am going to do the things I always wanted to do. No one is going to tell me I am worth less than I am worth. 

Hey, guys(including dudes, dudettes and Rydell) 

Fucking do what you wanna. You are an individual who may not be as beautiful as people might say,  you might not be as smart as they say, not ambitious as they might want you to be or sometimes not sure of who they might want you to be but…  Dude, dudette and Rydell… YOU are YOU! 

GOD DAMN YOU. you may not even remember this damn conversation you are having with yourself. But hey bro, you are going to agree with it anyway(fuck knows if it makes any sense) but OK. 

Moral of the story is- ‘Love yourself enough to be yourself’ 


Rydell Fernandes 


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